Reaching 50 comes with many milestones. 50 is the age where we can finally look back and laugh on our earlier mistakes, give great advice, and plan for retirement later on. But 50 can also be the age where any bad eating or exercising habits really catch up to us. The Fit Mother Project aims to improve the health of women by developing the best weight loss plan for women over 50.

two women high fiving best weight loss plan for women over 50Let's face it – it's hard to juggle personal health along with spouses, children, jobs, volunteer work and a social life.

It can feel like there just isn't enough time in the day to tend to focus on your health.

But after consulting our health pros at the Fit Mother Project, we've distilled some of our top tips and put together a simple and concise  weight loss plan for women over 50.

Read on for our best strategies, quick tips, and no-no list that will give you a leg up on your fitness after 50!

Let's Get Tactical

Reaching 50 means that you're all the wiser. So of course, you know that there are some hard facts to how our bodies have changed over the years.

Here's a quick breakdown of the challenges that face women over 50:

  • writing down a weight loss planMetabolisms have slowed down
  • Bone density has decreased
  • Hormones are changing
  • Bad habits may have built up over the years

When it comes down to it, our bodies just need more intentional dieting and exercise than they did when we were 20.

In order to combat these realities, you need a plan that is designed for women over 50 with all your needs built in. This plan will need to be realistic and effective, or else you'll just move onto the next.

The best weight loss plan for women over 50 will show you:

  • How measuring portion sizes and mindful, nutritious eating can offset a slowing metabolism
  • That safe weight lifting can build up lost bone density
  • What the correct diet and exercise can do about hormones causing you to store excess fat
  • Who is really in control of fixing bad habits (surprise – it's YOU)

Let's Get Practical

Making sure you can fit a weight loss plan into your lifestyle and needs will determine if it's really the best plan for you.

mom and daughter exercisingEach one of us has unique living situations that create different challenges.

Whether you still have children at home, travel for work, suffer from injuries, or support your parents, there will always need to be adjustments made to your fitness plans.

Here's our checklist that you can use to judge if a fitness plan is right for you.

How much time does it require?

In general, we don't have more than 1 hour a day for ourselves. Make sure that whatever fitness plan you choose has workouts that you can complete in 30 minutes and has a meal plan that doesn't require tons of meal prepping.

Dbest weight loss plan for women over 50o you enjoy the required exercise?

Working out isn't everyone's favorite past time. But if you can find a fitness plan that integrates types of exercise that you enjoy, you're in for a much easier ride!

Consider adapting your plan so that it still fits the exercise category, but is more enjoyable for you.

For example, if your fitness plan asks you to run, but running hurts your knees, try biking or swimming instead.

Does the meal prep sound expensive?

shopping for the best weight loss plan for women over 50If any diet is asking you to purchase wildly expensive superfoods or specific brands, it may not be the plan for you. At the end of the day, vegetables are vegetables and fruit is fruit.

There's nothing too “super” about the healthy foods that we need every day. A good meal plan is adaptable and has realistic food choices for you.

Is there built-in accountability?

Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight will tell you that it's a challenging task. If your weight loss plan doesn't include how you're going to track your results and measure your success, you are more likely to abandon it altogether.


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Let's Talk Tips and Tricks

Who doesn't like a few insider tricks?

While we know that committing to an actual weight loss plan is the best way to consistently and safely lose pounds, it never hurts to give yourself an extra edge.

  • walking the dogMinimize eating out: shoot for only once a week
  • Sleep more: get as close to 8 hours as possible
  • Drink more water: on average, you should be drinking 2 liters a day
  • Drink less alcohol: try to minimize your alcoholic intake to only on social occasions, or 2x a week
  • Don't skip meals: the best way to keep your metabolism active is to eat a healthy snack or meal every 2-3 hours
  • Pay attention to your joints: opt for low-impact activities like swimming, biking or yoga if your joints ache

Losing weight and staying fit over 50 has a lot to do with listening to your body.

Give yourself breaks when you need it but don't be lax on consistent exercise. Commitment is key to reap continued benefits!

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

Committing to a weight loss plan can feel a little daunting, which is why we designed a 3-day crash course in it!

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