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I joined program 10 months ago and I weighed 216 lbs at 45% body fat with a 47 inch waist. Today, I’ve lost 80 lbs and over 44.5 inches off my body!! And I’ve gotten so much stronger! I am so grateful for the Fit Mother Team and all of my fellow Fit Mothers. You all truly feel like an extended family to me.

- Diane O

I'm at Day #30 of the Fit Mother Program and even though I haven't been perfect, I've lost the 15lbs that I set as my goal when I started!! Thank you Fit Mother Project team for giving me a realistic program that works.

- Laurie B

The scale this morning says I’m down 50lbs!! My husband and I joined the Fit Mother and Fit Father programs to make this a lifestyle change as a team. We focus on consistency and doing something every day to make us better. I am feeling fantastic and so motivated. Thank you!!

- Karole D

Today marks 1 year on the Fit Mother Program and it still shocks me to think that I’ve been able to stick to something for an entire year. I’m here today officially having lost 92 lbs and 101.75 inches across my entire body. You can do this too.

- Steph P

I love this Fit Mother Group! I have always been a skeptic towards weight loss support groups. I’ll say it again and shout it from the rooftops- I LOVE THIS GROUP. I’ve finally hit my 20 lb goal! Thanks everyone for being so helpful and supportive and for sharing your stories. I couldn’t have done this without you.

- Megan P

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