If you're reading blogs on weight loss motivation, this is likely not your first time trying to shed pounds.

tree poseThinking back to your first diet, you were likely much younger and the pounds were easier to shed.

Fast forward through adulthood and maybe having kids, it's just not as easy as when you were in your 20s.

The science behind weight loss is simple – burn more calories than you intake, and you will lose weight.

But the mindset of weight loss? That's another story.

We've helped thousands of women break through their weight loss barriers and the #1 struggle they bring up is mindset.

We'll take you through our steps of how to identify and keep your weight loss motivation, even when the process gets hard.

Weight Loss Motivation: How to Start

When you're starting any new habit, it's best to start with a bit of self-reflection, like asking yourself “Why is it that I want to lose weight?”

weight loss motivationPerhaps there's a significant life or health event that has inspired you.

Maybe your favorite jeans aren't comfortable anymore.

Maybe you just want a new challenge!

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, these three steps will help kickstart your success.

  • Write out your goals. Use a notepad, calendar or your phone to write out how much weight you'd like to lose and by when. Remember, healthy weight loss is gradual, and losing about 2-3 pounds per week is considered great.
  • Start with your food. The key to losing weight is through your diet. Look into resources like our 3-Day Weight Loss Jumpstart for ideas on sustainable, realistic dieting.
  • Layer on exercise. After two to three weeks of adjusting to a new diet, you can start exercising. Check out our at-home workout ideas to get started even without a gym membership.


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Weight Loss Motivation: How to Deal with Failure and Inevitable Challenges

Failure is a part of weight loss.

weight loss motivationA busy schedule may cause you to skip the gym more than you promised to yourself.

A picky eater at your house may lead to less healthy meals than you planned.

Your body might plateau earlier than your workout buddy.

Whatever it may be, you should plan to come across failures that will challenge your weight loss motivation.

Here are our favorite ways to pick ourselves up again and refocus.

  • Start documenting your food. Writing down every meal and snack can help identify if some calories are sneaking in through wine, snacks, etc.
  • Find a workout buddy. Studies have shown that people enjoy working out more with a friend/spouse/coworker. This can help add a level of social obligation to making your workouts.
  • Start a reward system. When you accomplish losing 3 to 5 pounds, reward yourself! Because dieting is such a large part of weight loss, many choose to indulge in one of the treats they've cut out.

Weight Loss Motivation: How to Keep Going When You Start To Struggle

After the new-ness of the weight loss challenge wears off, it can be tempting to abandon your efforts.

Try these simple ways to make your own weight loss more exciting.

  • woman jumpingPhotograph your progress. #progresspics have overtaken Instagram, but you can keep yours just for yourself if you like. Capturing images of yourself in a consistent way (like first thing in the morning) can help provide a visual representation of your success, and motivate more.
  • Commit to workout challenges. Research and find an exercise challenge that is something new to you. Challenging yourself to a short week of yoga, HIIT, or mountain biking is a great way to find a new passion and to work out new muscle groups.
  • New gear. Yes, something as simple as treating yourself to new running shorts can motivate you to working out more!

Weight Loss Motivation: It's the Little Things That Make a Big Difference

No matter where you are in the weight loss journey, you can't forget about the little things.

Adding these small self-care items to your routine will remind you throughout the day that when it comes to weight loss motivation, we're really talking about well-being.

Read on for our favorite, but small, ways to love your body.

We hope that this blog has inspired you to try something new to kickstart your weight loss motivation!

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Your new friend and health coach,

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