Summer might be over, but it seems like dieting is always in season.

Whether it's your coworker, mother in law, or favorite celebrity, everyone seems like they have the next big tip to unlock your weight loss success.

weight loss mistakesAfter a while, it's easy to wonder if all the fads are leading you down the road of weight loss mistakes.

Everyone knows that it's difficult to lose weight. Make it one step easier on yourself by parting ways with the weight loss mistakes you may have been making!

Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

When you do the math, weight loss isn't that complicated.

weight loss mistakesEat fewer calories than you burn off in a day and boom! You should be losing weight.

That might have worked in our 20s, but things aren't that simple anymore. Not only are our schedules way more stressful, but our bodies react differently to food, diet and exercise now.

Check out these top weight loss mistakes to rid them for your life.

  • Eating too few calories: Eating too few calories puts your body into starvation mode, which prevents you from putting on muscle and leads to abandoning your diet.
  • Focusing on the number: It's important to set goals, but fixating on the scale number doesn't account for muscle mass that you may be gaining and can just de-motivate you.
  • Too much protein: Women only need about 46 grams of protein daily. Eating too much can cause protein to be stored as fat.
  • Too much exercise: Exercising too much can cause stress on your body and potential injury.
  • Eating “diet” foods: Low-fat, low-sugar, and diet foods can still be detrimental to your weight loss. Opt for non-processed, whole foods.

Simple Weight Loss Hacks

weight loss mistakesNow that we're through with the no, no list, we can talk about a few weight loss tips that will help you with your journey.

You've probably heard a bunch of these recommendations before because they're all true and solid pieces of advice.

Put one of these tips into motion this week.

  • Drink enough water: Your body needs water to process your food and help regenerate after working out. Water can also help boost your metabolism.
  • Drink green tea: Along with caffeine, green tea is loaded with antioxidants that can help reduce tummy bloating.
  • Reduce sugar: Start reading labels and you'll be shocked at the amount of sugar in your cereal, bars, creamers and more. Start replacing them with healthier options one by one.
  • Get enough sleep: Your body needs sleep to fight off sickness, repair itself and destress. Invest in your bedroom to ensure you get a full night's rest.
  • Lift weights: Try weights or resistance training to keep your metabolism going, build muscle and reduce fat.

Beyond the Tips and Tricks

Everyone has a different challenge when it comes to weight loss. But between the biggest weight loss mistakes and best tips, you have what you need to take a big step forward in your journey.

weight loss mistakesHere at the Fit Mother Project, we've created a plan that will kickstart you into weight loss success.

The Fit Mom 3-Day Weight Loss Jumpstart includes a meal plan, workout and health coaching from Dr. Anthony Balduzzi.

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